Our Services

At the Shared Service Center, we strive to provide seamless support to our faculty, staff, and students. Each department is assigned to an individual team member as the first point of contact. Also, we serve as a liaison between you and other UMBC offices such as HR, Financial Services, Procurement, OSP, and/or external counterparts.


Departments we support:

We support COEIT by providing a range of essential services, including:

We assist with Human Resources tasks like accounts payable, annual budgets, new hire onboarding, salary management, transaction reviews and approvals, and more.

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We support DoIT by:

We offer the same services to DoIT as we do for COEIT. Additionally, we provide support to the Division of Information and Technology, assisting with tasks such as timesheet processing, travel reimbursement, and various other services.

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We also collaborate closely with:

In our ongoing commitment to providing effective support, we maintain close collaborations with key departments and offices within our organization. Our partnerships extend to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting (OGDA), Human Resources with a focus on Strategic Talent Management, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, and the Accounts Payable team. These collaborations allow us to work seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring a cohesive approach to managing sponsored projects, financial matters, talent development, and procurement processes. By aligning our efforts and expertise with these critical departments, we contribute to the overall success and effectiveness of our organization.



Contact us using the Request Tracker

Request Tracker (RT) is one of the tools that many divisions at UMBC currently use to manage the workflow of their services. SSC has designed several queues for our faculty and staff to use for some essential services. Below we listed some of our main services you can request through SSC Request Tracker (RT):

  • New Hires and Payroll
  • Procurement
  • Personal Reimbursement
  • Pay Vendors
  • Pre Award Proposal
  • Post Award (Budget Revision, No Cost Extension)
  • Sub Award (Request, Modifications, Payment)

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide to each department, please feel free to contact our team by submitting your questions through the General Inquiries RT ticketing system.



How do we divide our services?

The COEIT Shared Services Center comprises four distinct groups that cater to the needs of faculty, students, and staff in both COEIT and DoIT. These groups handle payroll transactions, procurement requests, as well as financial and grant support. Here is a brief overview of the responsibilities of each group:


Please visit our Quick Guide for additional information. If you’re unable to find an answer to your question, please submit your question or any feedback you may have through the General Inquires RT ticketing system. Select your respective Division, Department, then select “General Inquiries” from the Request Type drop-down menu.