Business Operations Team (BOT)

The Business Operations Team (BOT) is proud to serve all faculty, staff, students, and contractual employees in the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT) and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT).

We strive to provide a welcoming and positive customer experience for all your payroll needs, from the time we meet with you to complete your new hire paperwork until you transition from the university. In addition to payroll services, we provide assistance in navigating the procurement cycle, beginning with procuring goods and services on a requisition through invoicing and payment. Also, the team handles Foundation and travel reimbursement preparation and on-campus/off-campus billing.


What services do we provide?

The BOT team manages new hire onboarding for faculty, staff, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and students, in addition to overseeing other payroll functions, such as salary adjustments and contract renewals. Also responsible for timesheet processing, vendor payments, procurements, and compliance related to travel and miscellaneous reimbursements.



What is our goal?

We work closely with the Sponsored Research and Financial Planning and Analysis teams. We endeavor to meet UMBC’s HR and financial deadlines to ensure the reports you receive from the above teams contain accurate and timely financial data.


To contact the Business Operation (BOT) Team

Check out who’s in charge of each academic department and find out how to get in touch with them.



Please visit our Quick Guide for additional information. If you’re unable to find an answer to your question, please submit your question or any feedback you may have through the General Inquires RT ticketing system. Select your respective Division, Department, then select “General Inquiries” from the Request Type drop-down menu.