Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Our team works collaboratively to ensure our college has a systematic and comprehensive approach to all areas of business. FP&A partners with academic and administrative leaders to develop realistic budgets and financial plans that support the execution of COEIT’s short-term and long-term strategies.


What is our goal?

Our objective is to provide timely and accurate financial reports to help academic and administrative departments and to assist in making data-informed decisions to achieve their goals. We will address ongoing budget and financial planning issues and identify and facilitate the allocation of resources. We are confident that through collaboration and partnership, we will implement ideas and fully utilize our resources to make informed decisions that will drive our college to success.


What services do we provide?

We prepare annual budgets and monthly reports for state funds and departmental accounts. Additionally, we review and approve transactions from a financial and compliance perspective.


We work closely with:

In order to effectively carry out our responsibilities, we place a strong emphasis on forging robust collaborative relationships with a diverse array of departments that form an integral part of UMBC. These departments include:



To contact the FP&A Team

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