Pre Award – Sponsored Research Team


What services do we provide?

  • Create collaborative Box folder to edit and store proposal documents
  • Prepare and send a one-page Executive Summary of the RFP/FOA/NOFO
  • Draft initial budget and work with PI to determine the needs of the project until the budget is finalized.
  • Draft the budget justification based on the final budget
  • Work with the faculty through revisions and questions
  • Coordinate with subaward recipients, if applicable, to receive and review all required documents.
  • Enter proposal in Kuali for internal routing and review
  • Upload budget and budget justification into sponsor’s platform
  • Review and provide guidance and support regarding other documents required for the proposal.
  • Help to ensure proposal documents are accurate and in compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations (institutional, funding agency, federal, etc.) pertinent to the specific submission.


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